WINTERLAND—A Discotheque Cabaret

Sydney McCall and Damien Patterson in Baby, It's Cold Outside
Sydney McCall and Damien Patterson
in "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
Photo: Amanda Tipton
During the long nights of December, holiday displays and festivals of light engender an atmosphere for "keeping spirits bright," setting the stage for winter songs and dances, just as Wonderbound choreographers Garrett Ammon and Sarah Tallman embody in 15 playful and poignant numbers, set to an eclectic selection of popular hits.

Michael Hinton in Blues My Naughty Baby Gives Me
Michael Hinton in
"Blues My Naughty Baby Gives Me"
Photo: Amanda Tipton
Stylish costumes, all in white, by Dawn Fay and Caitlin Goldstein, run from formal elegance with silver lamé accents (playing off the diso-ball-speckled ceiling array) to diaphanous boudoir gowns to casual, party-time outfits—serving up good cheer and seasonal context for the lyrics—all bathed in Karalyn Star Pytel's eye-popping lighting.

Imagine if you will dancing with your honey in front of the bandstand to Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney harmonizing "Ain't We Got Fun," or maybe you've got front row seats for local favorites Nathaniel Rateliff and Julie Davis role-reversing parts in "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (by Frank Loesser), while Sidney McCall tries to pin down Damien Patterson in a light-hearted girl-gets-boy tumble around the apartment.

Karina Cardella
Karina Cardella
Photo: Amanda Tipton
The vocalists, lyricists, and composers for the rest of the score read like a Who's Who of pop culture, classic and contemporary, including Irving Berlin, Peggy Lee, Roy Orbison, Jack Kerouac, Ella Fitzgerald, Muddy Waters, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Harold Arlen, Spike Jones, and Stephen Foster, providing a full spectrum of holiday memories and emotions—joy, love, ennui, naughty, and nostalgia.

Wonderbound's first reprise of its 2020 world premiere of WINTERLAND—A Discotheque Cabaret, runs through December 19th. All performances are sold out, due to limited seating protocols. Tickets for Wonderbound's next production, Romance, Revenge, Redemption (February 2nd through 20th, 2022), go on sale Tuesday, January 26th, and can be ordered here. For future announcements, sign up for the company's newsletter.

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