The Twelve Dates of Christmas

While we insist that the holiday season is the time to be jolly, gay, and cheerful, it's easier said than done for a significant percentage of folks who are without a "significant other" with whom to share and celebrate.

Adrian Egolf as Mary
Adrian Egolf as Mary
For Mary (Adrian Egolf), a single actress in the Big Apple, it's not for lack of trying, as she recounts a year of dates looking for Mr. Right, as well dealing with her her family's well-intentioned, but misguided attempts to set her up.

Egolf is a blast to watch as she narrates and recreates events, including channeling all the other characters as well—including her dates, friends, and family members—as she sails through a host of star-crossed encounters, until, over a year later, she gets cast in A Christmas Carol.

Until then, on each holiday—starting with the Thanksgiving on which she saw on TV her fiance making out someone from his office at the Macy's parade—Mary endures a host of memorable heels and misfits, her only solace being that, with each nightmare, she is improving the odds of meeting her dream-come-true.

After each go around, with an appropriate ornament added to the tree, Mary usually finds herself performing a reality check with her mom, via cellphone, and trying to avoid the clutches of her aunt Kathy, a would-be matchmaker with a deep South drawl, which Egolf imitates with relish.

As Mary notes, the coincidences that she experiences vis-à-vis her current prospects are only supposed to happen in the movies; but just so, through her serendipitous life, we are gradually taken in by the series of dramatic turns that lead to the possibility of a perfect outcome, much like the story of the once-crippled Tiny Tim, of whom she is so fond.

This is a great date show!

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's presentation of Ginna Hoben's The Twelve Dates of Christmas, directed by Max Ferguson, runs through December 22nd. For tickets: 719-634-5583 or

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