Deep down inside of all of us there's a superhero waiting to reveal his or herself. Our kids have no trouble locating this persona, and with their encouragement you can too. Just put together your costume and take your favorite youngster to a production of Trunks at Buntport Theatre.

Scott, Walter, Trixie, and Doug
Scott, Walter, Trixie, and Doug
Photo credit: Buntport Theatre
There you'll find the closest thing to the old days of live television serials, in this case three writers-actors who create a new script every other week, mixing the motivations and bizarre peccadillos of a few stock characters [superheroes Trixie (The Germ) Truddfeldt, Sargent Speckles, Scott the Parrot, Doug (the mutant/receptionist for Sargent Speckles's Secret Lair of Salvation), and Walter (The Volt) Cosmic], plus a strange assortment of visiting talent.

In Episode 2, loosely based on the book "Skippy Jon Jones" by Judy Schachner, a variety of momentous events occur, including:

  • Scott breaks up with Trixie because he feels she is a bad listener
  • Walter trying to get Doug to reconsider his superhero costume
  • Trixie decides to become a super villain and tries to join Los Malos (Spanish for "The Bad") and follow their leader, a live, mellow (!), deadpanning Chihuahua called Don Diablo
  • Trixie discovers that Los Malos is really short for "The Marshmallows" and that they aren't really bad
  • Real outlaws arrive in the form of El Spottito (who bears an uncanny resemblance Sargent Speckles) and Birdito, who steal Los Malos' party balloons and tell Trixie that to join them, she has to steal the next batch of party balloons and make fun of Don Diablo's miniature sweaters
  • Trixie tries, realizes she can't do that, but also can't be good all the time either
  • To escape her quandary, Trixie wakes up and goes to Sargent Speckles headquarters to apologize to Scott regarding her listening habits, where she also confronts Sargent Speckles about his involvement with the bad guys
  • Speckles denies all, but when Trixie and Scott leave, we see him pull out one of Don Diablo's miniature sweaters ... (to be continued)
  • Trixie's dream
    Trixie's dream
    Photo credit: Buntport Theatre
    The writers—Mitch Sleve, Jessica Robblee, and Steven Burge—work under incredible deadlines to adapt their characters and the characters of the guest actors (more excellent local actors) to the storyline of the book (chosen before each episode from audience suggestions to be the basis for the next episode).

    Sargent Speckles and Doug
    Sargent Speckles and Doug
    Photo credit: Buntport Theatre
    In addition to the jam-packed fun generated by the goofy characters, witty writing (for kids and adults), and prodigious talents, the sweet moral lessons from the books shine through.

    Next up, Saturday, November 21st, at 1 PM and 3 PM, is Episode 3, based on "Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business," by Barbara Park.

    Buntport Theatre's Trunks runs every other Saturday at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM through May 11th. 720-946-1388 or Buntport reservations.

    Bob Bows


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