Triple Crown

The Colorado Ballet kicks off its 48th season with a short, weekend run of three performances of company favorites at the Gates Concert Hall. According to artistic director Gil Boggs, the three-ballet program, dubbed Triple Crown, is designed to showcase "the broad artistic repertoire of our dancers."

Two of the pieces, Clark Tippet’s Bruch Violin Concerto and Jessica Lang’s From Foreign Lands and People will be familiar to regular audiences, while the third, Peter Anastos’ Yes, Virginia, Another Piano Ballet, has only been performed once locally, last summer at the Arvada Center.

Photo of the final tableaux in Jessica Lang's
The final tableaux in Jessica Lang's
From Foreign Lands and People
Photo: David Andrews
The program offers a striking contrast in styles, beginning with the Tippet's classic piece, performed in tutus and pointe shoes, transitioning to Lang's romantic composition, involving eight dancers focused around wooden blocks representing the five black keys on the piano, and finishing with Anastos' comedic look at the piano ballet tradition of the 1970s and 80s, set to Chopin piano solos.

The intimacy of the Gates provides a rare opportunity for ballet lovers, with a close up look and visceral connection to the talented company.

The Colorado Ballet's production of Triple Crown runs through September 14th at the Gates Concert Hall. 303-837-8888 or


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