For the concluding production of its 51st season, the Colorado Ballet pays Tribute to its founders, Lillian Covillo and Freidann Parker, with a mixed program of world premieres by three noted contemporary female choreographers.

Dmitry Trubchanov and Chandra Kuykendall in Archetypes
Dmitry Trubchanov and
Chandra Kuykendall in "Archetypes"
Photo: Terry Shapiro
The evening opens with Emery LeCrone's Archetypes, an abstract piece that presents opportunities for envisioning a variety of dynamics, including plays on the Jungian psychological component of the title, marked by one and then two principal female dancers in red, spawning lines that are replicated and reflected in the soloists and corps. Emotions ebb and flow, moving from sultry, intertwined, harmonious interdependencies to intense, even frantic interplays, resolving itself in a celebretory grouping that turns into an intimate pair and a kiss. The tight, strikingly designed costumes amplify the physicality of the work.

Artists of the Colorado Ballet in Traveling Alone
Artists of the Colorado Ballet in "Traveling Alone"
Photo: Terry Shapiro
The second piece, Amy Seiwert's Traveling Alone, takes the form of a journey, with the principal female dancer experiencing a series of encounters that gradually evolve from uncomfortable interchanges to confident, though temporary explorations, finally drawing to a satisfying pairing. The atmosphere generally reflects the intense, techno-infused sounds and angular relationships encountered in modern travel, down to the plastic tutus.

Maria Mosina in Embellish
Maria Mosina in "Embellish"
Photo: Terry Shapiro
The program concludes with Jodie Gates' Embellish, a series of lush, strikingly lit, and playful exchanges with an artsy flair, set to a mix of classical instrumentation, modern and baroque, and operatic treats, including some lovely coloratura. This showcase piece, which includes the rare treat of having most of the Colorado Ballet's principal dancers on stage together, will be performed by the company at the Gotham Dance Festival, June 2-3, 2012 at the Joyce Theatre in New York City.

The company's depth of talent is once again displayed in an evening of fresh and compelling works. The Colorado Ballet's Tribute runs through April 1st. 303-893-4100 or

Bob Bows


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