Tomorrow in the Battle

Rachel Fowler as Anna, Bill Hahn as Simon, and Gabra Zackman as Jennifer
Rachel Fowler as Anna,
Bill Hahn as Simon,
and Gabra Zackman as Jennifer
Like the Paul Klee painting "Tightrope Walker," life is a high-wire act without a net, at least if you run around in the same circles as Simon (Bill Hahn), a heart surgeon, Anna (Rachel Fowler), a British Ministry of Defense executive, and Jennifer (Gabra Zackman), a partner in a meteorically rising investment fund.

Like any daredevil, each of these London high achievers thrive in environments where there is an adrenaline rush associated with performance and calculated risk.

Rachel Fowler as Anna
Rachel Fowler as Anna
Playwright Kieron Barry's mix of compelling drama and sublime lyricism is riveting. The impromptu company, under the direction of Tara Falk, performs its heart-pounding balancing acts in the elegant setting of a drawing room on the second floor of the Grant-Humphries mansion, with only a chair for a prop and three entryways.

Hahn's Simon is thoughtful and analytical, but excels above all else in thinking quickly on his feet. His wife, Fowler's Anna, is an enigmatic mix of strategic calculation at work and dreamy desires and evocative memories at home. Zackman's Jennifer is a focused, personable saleswoman during business hours and a beautiful seductress after hours. The intensity of these three impressive performances is amplified by the close proximity (a few feet) between the seating and the staging.

Gabra Zachman as Jennifer
Gabra Zackman as Jennifer
Professional responsibilities, including travel, often intervene in Simon and Anna's personal life. One night, when Anna must work, Simon goes to the opera alone and meets Jennifer. From that moment, the implications of each person's calculated risks begin to affect the others. During a heart transplant, the question of karma arises in Simon's mind and he decides to come clean.

Told in a series of short, first person monologues—sometimes solo and sometimes with the other actors present—gives us insight into points-of-view and motivations that are generally unavailable with dialogue, allowing the audience to anticipate and dread the conflicts that lie just around the corner. Barry's ending is explosive!

Rachel Fowler, Bill Hahn and Gabra Zackman, in association with Ronald Egan Productions, present Tomorrow in the Battle through March 7th. Seating is limited, reservations required. Email: or call 720-439-9830 for seats. Suggested donation of $20 at the door. All proceeds go to History Colorado.

Bob Bows

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