Tell Me on a Sunday

Megan van de Hey as the Girl
Megan van de Hey as the Girl
What people mean by "love" is as varied as the individuals that comprise the human race. Some find it first in themselves, while many seek its acquaintance first through others. In Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Don Black's (lyrics) "Tell Me on a Sunday," the Girl (Megan van de Hey) follows her dreams of love from London to New York to LA and back to New York, serially assuring her mother via email, at each turn, that she has found the right man.

As most of us know, the big city can be a cold and lonely place, so it's hard not to feel sympathetic for the Girl, even if she is trying to find happiness through others. Clearly, her situation rings a bell with many, as the show did well in a variety of iterations, including the West End, on the BBC, on Broadway, and now in Denver, at the Avenue Theater.

Trent Hines on piano
Trent Hines on piano
Van de Hey has all the gifts to sell each and every song and tell the story: her lovely voice, her sublime ability to express the nuances of the lyrics, and her dramatic charm all make for a captivating evening. Trent Hines is absolutely phenomenal on the piano. Director Robert Michael Sanders keeps it simple, yet elegant, across Richard Pegg's inviting set, set off by Steve Tangedal's refined lighting, with projected backdrops (Tom Quinn) that evoke Manhattan and Hollywood neighborhoods.

The original idea for the book came from Tim Rice, Webber's long-time lyricist; but when Webber discovered that Rice was having an affair with the woman he was writing for, Webber teamed up with Don Black. Ironically, this intrigue sounds like it could have been one of the delicious subplots in the finished story line.

The Avenue Theater's presentation of Tell Me on a Sunday runs through February 27th. For tickets:, or call 303-321-5925.

Bob Bows

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