Swan Lake

It's no mean feat to improve upon the world's most famous ballet, but that's what Colorado Ballet has accomplished in its current production, setting the original choreography of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, updating it with original additions by three gifted contemporary masters—Amanda McKerrow, John Gardner, and the Colorado Ballet's Sandra Brown (all former principals with American Ballet Theatre)—and topping it off with stellar performances of both the classical and dramatic elements.

Artists of Swan Lake
Artists of Swan Lake
Photo: Terry Shapiro
On opening night, longtime favorite Maria Mosina dazzled us once more with her impeccable technique and two masterful characterizations: the retractive, painful, tragic intensity of Odette and the radiant, but treacherous Odile. Mosina's solos are a marvel of seeming effortlessness coupled with deeply expressive emotions; her pas de deux with Alexei Tyukov (Prince Siegried)—whose poise, artistry, natural athleticism, and good looks make for a splendid match—are transcendent.

Spanish - Artists of Swan Lake
Spanish - Artists of Swan Lake
Photo: Terry Shapiro
Lorita Travaglia brings intelligence and a regal aura to the Queen Mother, Gregory K. Gonzales' Baron Von Rothbart is frightfully (and delightfully) insidious, and Viacheslav Buchkovsky's Benno, a confident, attentive friend to Siegfried.

The ensemble work is equally compelling, reflecting the swirling, interwoven complexities of the music, with a gaggle of dancers filling the stage with swan-like grace, stunningly choreographed.

Alexei Tyukov as Prince Siegried and Maria Mosina as Odette
Alexei Tyukov as Prince Siegried
and Maria Mosina as Odette
Photo: Terry Shapiro
Today, we may take the richness of Tchaikovsky's music for granted, but at the time it was a revolutionary leap for ballet scores, which previously had mostly served in a functional capacity. Synchronously, Ivanov showed up to choreograph these masterpieces, thrusting Russian ballet to the fore.

Adam Flatt leads the Colorado Ballet Orchestra through a thoughtful and well-tempered rendition of the magnificent score.

One can't say enough about the lush traditional costumes and set courtesy of Ballet West.

The Colorado Ballet's Swan Lake runs through October 23rd. 303-893-4100 or

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