Swan Lake

As coincidence would have it, coming on the heels of one of this year's most endearing films, Billy Elliot, the Colorado Ballet has included the ever-popular Swan Lake in its 40th anniversary season. Believe it or not, this great work took a few tries before it gained favor, with the original production being poorly choreographed.

Set to Tchaikovsky's immortal score, the Petipa and Ivanov version, which followed 18 years after the original debut, tests both the virtuosity and depth of a company. In this case, the Colorado Ballet continues to impress with its ever-growing numbers of fine dancers.

Maria Mosina, in the double role of Odette and Odile, the Queen of the Swans and her imposter, once again brings her deep passion and superb technique to the fore. Nikita Shcheglov, as Prince Siegried, is not only elegant and emotive, but turns out to be a fine match for Mosina, rewarding us with a believable yet exalted chemistry.

This demanding ballet is filled with choice dances for which the corps was equal to the challenge. The Pas de Trois, Waltz, Spanish, Neapolitan, Hungarian, and Mazurka all delighted. Ilya Kozadayev's Jester was a constant pleasure and Gregory Gonzales' Count Von Rothbart was powerful and terrifying.

Except for a few minor lapses in orchestration, and though the staging of the ending was shockingly incomplete, the Colorado Ballet's production of Swan Lake is romantic and captivating. The costumes and scenery from Ballet West are to die for-gothic and magical-complimented by the lighting effects As of this posting, six performances remain on 3/10, 3/11, 3/15, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19. To order call 303-830-TIXS or on the web at


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