Stop Kiss

Do you remember your first romantic kiss? Okay, maybe that's too far back for some of us. How about your first kiss with your present special person? What about the activity that led up to it--the awkwardness and the excitement?

In the Theatre Group's current production of Stop Kiss, the wondrous buildup to the big moment is deliciously drawn out. Will they or won't they? Do they both feel the same way about each other?

What makes this first kiss special is that neither Callie nor Sara has ever felt quite this way before; they are two women who have both been heterosexually involved prior to this.

Hillary Blair's hyperactive Callie is a hardened New Yorker; she knows where to find her pleasures and when to look down at the sidewalk and walk quickly. Maura Barclay Gingerich's thoughtful, straightforward Sara is a liberated Midwesterner who can't go back home again; she says what she thinks, consequences be damned. Callie and Sara's chemistry is giddy and combustible, and we find that some New Yorkers are no more comfortable with this than Bible Belt heartlanders.

Blair and Gingerich are delightful in this charming and tough love story, with strong supporting performances by Darell Miller, Gwen Harris, Patty Mintz Figel, and Tim Salmans.

The Theatre Group's production of Diana Son's Stop Kiss, ably directed by Billie McBride, runs through January 27th. 303-860-9360.

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