Spring Love

What is love? What do we mean when we say, "I love you?" As you might guess, the answers to these questions are as unique as everyone's DNA, but there is, thankfully, some common ground here. In the Bug Theatre Company original production of Spring Love, director John Maloney and a talented ensemble of fifteen players create a series of provocative encounters aimed at exploring this essential human experience.

Photo of cast's feet
Photo by Michael Ensminger
In addition to the many fine dramatic moments, what is most remarkable about this piece is that in seven weeks Maloney, who specializes in the development and adaptation of new works, and his actors were able to develop such a cohesive and multi-shaded presentation. Using an episodic style that includes vignettes, soliloquies, songs, game shows, stand-up comedy, and narrative, the ensemble explores an compelling mix of hetero, gay, and bi-sexual relationships that cross-pollinate each other.

While lacking in major catharsis, the stories have something to say to everyone, often quite eloquently. In a less conventional sense than the long-running hit, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Spring Love is a perfect date show, at least if you're serious about your relationship.

The Bug Theatre Company's production of Spring Love runs through May 31st. 303-477-9984.

Bob Bows


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