I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

[Editor's note: This review originally appeared in the autumn of 2000. Since then, the casting has changed. The current cast is: Gina Schuh-Turner, Shannan Steele (replaced Elizabeth Rose), Scott Foster (replaced Mark Devine), Jordan Leigh (no longer Gurner due to a marriage)]

The Bob Garner Galleria Theatre, the cabaret setting at the Denver Center, has been the site of a variety of audience friendly, long-running hits, including Always…Patsy Cline, Forever Plaid, and The Taffeta's, and they've hit the target again with their current production, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.

Thanks to theatre general manager Jeff Hovorka's insistence, the production features four local actors for the first time in ages anywhere under the atrium. And just as we suspected, the chosen talent is as good as you'll find anywhere.

The man of a thousand faces, Jordan Leigh Gurner, Elizabeth Rose, a chameleon of personalities, the operatic-cum-country diva, Gina Schuh-Turner, and Mr. "Nice Guys Finish Last," Mark Divine, frolic through a series of sketches lampooning relationships, the good, the bad, and the ugly, for the twenty- and thirty-something set.

While I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change may not offer any new insights into evolving, mutually supportive relationships, it has more than a fair share of funny lines and catchy lyrics, all delivered with aplomb by this high powered cast, and set off with crisp musical work by Martha Yordy, pianist and musical director, and Livia Svyatlovskaya on violin.

It's in an open ended run at the Garner Galleria Theatre. 303-893-4100.

Bob Bows


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