The One Who Loves You

Many of Denver's finest stage actors gathered last night at the Denver Film Center in the Lowenstein Culture Plex to catch a private screening of The One Who Loves You (aka, The King of Love and Carolina Blue), a local effort directed by Katharyn Grant, written by Beaty Reynolds, and shot by Chris Graves.

Katharyn Grant as Gloria Bethune
Katharyn Grant as Gloria Bethune
Grant also stars in the film, as Gloria Bethune, an aspiring singer. Having seen Grant and so many others in the cast—including Candy Ann Brown, Martha Harmon Pardee, Rhonda Brown, Elizabeth Rose, donnie l. betts, Laura Norman, Judy Phelan-Hill, and Deb Persoff—on stage, I just had to catch them on the silver screen.

The film—and the reception—were filled with all sorts of delightful surprises. At the top of the list is Grant's singing. Who knew? Not even her long-time friend Erica Sarzin-Borrillo had any idea. During Katharyn's first song, I'm thinking, okay, this is lip-synched, so who did her singing; but as the story developed, I'm seeing that she's singing this (and let me say that her singing itself, is worth the price of admission). Maybe life will imitate art and Katharyn will be on the radio soon; or on the cinema marquee. (That'll be me, in the coffee shop, looking up from my cuppa Joe, sayin' "Hey, that's Kayti!" Wait, how did I get in this movie?)

Or for that matter, maybe she'll follow in the footsteps of so many film auteurs and bring her favorite actors along for the ride. Fellini's Satyricon is definitely ready for a remake ;-) And then there's the film noir version of the Scottish play, with all those witches. But I'm getting ahead of the story ...

And let's not forget Katharyn's co-star, Briel DiCristofaro, as Roy Hutchins, a petty con artist turned love interest. How many of our favorite actresses does this guy get to seduce? Time to trade in my pen for some pomade and grow a pencil moustache.

Next up for the film is the festival circuit, looking for a distributor. There's a docu-drama waiting to happen in that! Now if I could just raise the dough.

Bob Bows


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