Permanently Missing

How much do any of us really know about the people we are closest to? That is the question local playwright Jennifer Berry asks in her new play Permanently Missing, now premiering at the Acoma Center.

That is also the question haunting Raina LePage, an attractive club singer whose husband has suddenly disappeared. Caught between the rose-colored memories of her relationship with Peter on one side of the stage, and the shocking evidence turned up by an eccentric investigator, Inspector Ramsey, on the other, Raina is stretched to her limits.

Taking advantage of Raina's untenable position, Kelly Leo fills the stage with a dynamic range of emotions—from the magnetic obsession of love-at-first-sight to the despair that accompanies utter betrayal—riveting us to her every move. Leo is well-supported by Will Brown as the demanding and strange detective, David Haines as her confused and unsettled husband and the ensemble that portrays her mother, co-workers, a psychic and an illicit girlfriend.

Playwright Berry keeps the atmosphere edgy with unusual plot twists, economic dialogue and unpredictable characters. How much do we know of our lovers? Very little, many of us find out, and often too late to save a great deal of heartbreak.

The world premier of Jennifer Berry's engaging and thought provoking Permanently Missing runs through August 25th at the Acoma Center. 303-623-0524.


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