The Lone Ranger

Forget the bad reviews by the corporate media. They're just trying to keep the masses away from the uncomfortable truths surrounding the savagery of the 19th century European westward migration that virtually wiped out Native Americans and the buffalo. They don't want anybody drawing any historical comparisons.

Johnny Depp as Tonto
Johnny Depp as Tonto
This prequel to the 1930's radio show and 1950's TV series of the same name employs a healthy dose of humor—some slapstick, some wry—to make the lesson go down easier, but there they are, plain as day: Caucasians doing everything in their power, illegally more often than not, to pillage the natural resources of this continent and slaughter anyone in their way, for their own personal aggrandizement. The incident in the film that stands out in this way involves a band of outlaws hired by the railroad to impersonate the Comanche, to raid white homesteads, and serve as a premise to bring in the cavalry and violate the treaty. Care to discuss false flag events, anyone?

If anything, the humor, much of which appears to be improvised by Johnny Depp, is too sophisticated for mass audiences, but who cares.

During the closing credits, a visual epilogue appears, continuing the wrap-around premise of an elder Tonto telling this tale to a young boy, reminding me of Chief Ben George's commentary to Little Big Man (Dustin Hoffman): "There are very few human beings left." (At least near the top of the power pyramid.)

Helena Bonham Carter as Red
Helena Bonham Carter as Red
And did we mention that Helena Bonham Carter contributes to the mayhem in her inimitable fashion.

The special visual effects are seamless. Most of these are in Act III, which involves two runaway locomotives on somewhat parallel tracks--all set to the William Tell Overture. Fun!

The coordinated slam on this film has almost closed it down, but if you get a chance and enjoy Depp, or remember the old TV show, you'll enjoy this.

Bob Bows


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