The Dinner Party

In the course of his career, Neil Simon has had a load of successful shows including, Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple, Sweet Charity, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Biloxi Blues, Rumours, Lost in Yonkers, and others. In his 31st play, The Dinner Party, the seventy-five year old playwright is, at times, as funny as ever, but his shtick is now mixed with themes of reconciliation and redemption.

Five divorced men and women show up for a dinner party at a fancy Parisian restaurant only to discover that their host is someone different than they first thought. After the guests begin to discover their mutual connection, the mysterious sixth party arrives to set the agenda.

Part of the fun of the evening is seeing six of Denver's best actors, all of whom have worked together before in different combinations, get caught in Simon's tangled web of post-divorce feelings. Duane Black, Beth Flynn, and Amy MacKenzie have a field day with their mostly comedic characters, while Rick Hilsabeck, Marcus Waterman, and Rachel deBenedet leave blood on the floor.

Simon's exploration of unconditional love, jealousy, and obsession form a thoughtful coda to his remarkable body of work. The regional premiere of The Dinner Party runs through October 6th at the Arvada Center. 720-898-7200.

Bob Bows


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