Dame Edna

Speaking of unpredictable weather, Dame Edna blew into town on Tuesday, replete with her entourage of long-legged dancing girls, a sequined jacketed piano player, and dresses, horned-rimmed glass and big hair to die for! While Barry Humphries insists that his creation and character Dame Edna is just your average everyday Edna Everadge, the fact of the matter is that she knows everybody darling!

From her early days on Australian and British TV in the '50's with the likes of David Frost to more recent hobnobbing with Gloria Swanson, Richard Gere and her Tony Award, Dame Edna has made her brand of class consciousness a celebratory event, much in the way All in the Family, Don Rickles or Phyllis Diller reveled in turning their victims on a spit.

The roasting is all in good humor, she insists with her trademark rejoinder, "And I mean that in a very caring way," and indeed for much of the evening most of the audience agreed, enjoying their peers made fools of or mocked. Occasionally, Humphries rises above the pedestrian mentalities of a mah jongg therapist and does quite well skewering Commerce City, Aurora, the Mayor of Denver and Governor Bush.

Dame Edna is an acquired taste, but thanks to the saturation of British humor on PBS, she's doing quite well thank you. She'll wreak havoc until July 1st. 303-893-4100.


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