Body of Work

Eve Ensler
Eve Ensler
Despite the flooding, Boulder will remain Boulder, with all its excentricities and intrinsic optimism. In case you missed it, what all the local runners, bikers, soccer players, cross-country skiers, yogis, and organic and fine food aficionados add up to is the least obese city in the U.S. This is no mean feat, given the junk food culture so prevalant from "sea to shining sea." In other words, the body, in all its glory, is a celebrated phenomena here.

Thus, the upcoming eclectic evening of words, dance, and music revering the body, is a natural fit, even if fitness isn't the focus—after all, even in Boulder, the number one bodily celebration is the joys of sex.

Miss Prissy
Miss Prissy

Enter Eve Ensler ("The Vagina Monologues") and Miss Prissy. Ensler will be reading from "In the Body of the World" as well as speaking on related subjects. For those of you that don't know Miss Prissy, check out her moves.

In addition, Courtney Thomas will be doing a monologue from Ensler's Emotion Creature, which she did Off-Broadway (Signature Theatre).

Courtney Thomas
Courtney Thomas

Between the three of them, plus the inimitable DJ Savior Breath, all topped off by the inestimable LOCALS—Rachel Fowler (who, along with Jamie Ann Romero, will be doing monologues from Ensler's "The Good Body"), Sylvia Gregory, Megan Mathews, Joy Pak, Pesha Rudnick, and Mare Trevathan—this is bound to be an insightful, fun, and raucous evening.

All this where green radio was invented: eTown Hall.

(Left to right) Joy Pak, Pesha Rudnick, Megan Mathews, Mare Trevethan, Sylvia Gregory, and Rachel Fowler
(L to R) Joy Pak, Pesha Rudnick,
Megan Mathews, Mare Trevathan,
Sylvia Gregory, and Rachel Fowler

Mark it on your calendars: Friday, October 11.

Did we mention Body of Work is a benefit for the good works of LOCAL Theater Company, which hosts a new play festival each March, from which they select and produce a world premiere.

Depending upon your budget for worthy, charitable donations, here are your choices:

DJ Savior Breath
DJ Savior Breath

  • 5:30-9:30 PM, Producers' Circle

    An intimate cocktail party hosted by Frasca Food & Wine, with Eve Ensler and Miss Prissy, backstage in the eTown recording studio, plus reserved seats at the performance of Body of Work, followed by a dessert reception. There are still spots left in the Producers' Circle ($125), but invitations have been mailed, so tell your friends to bust a move, if their hearts are set on the backstage party with Eve, Miss Prissy, Courtney, DJ Savior Breath, the LOCALs, and a host of other shining lights.

  • 7:00-9:30pm General Tickets ($75.00)

  • The performance of Body of Work, plus a dessert reception.

    For tickets: 303-443-8696 or

    Bob Bows


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