Bodies of Work

In a bold move, Colorado Ballet artistic director Martin Fredmann has chosen to debut not one, not two, but three world premieres for the company's spring production. While this would be considered daring in the best of times, in the midst of a recession and "a war that won't end in our lifetime," Fredmann's bravado deserves commendation.

Photo of dancers performing in Toru Shimazaki's Without Words
Without Words
Photo by Terry Shapiro
The opening piece, Toru Shimazaki's Without Words, builds on a series of beautiful 19th and 20th century piano melodies played expressively by Ritsuko Shinozuka Kubo. The dancers, in pairs and groups, alternate flowing with and against each other, finding contrapuntal undertones in the music.

Photo of dancers in Taisiya Korobeynikova's Elysium
Photo by Terry Shapiro
Elysium, by Taisiya Korobeynikova, staged to the haunting music of Meredith Monk and the Kronos Quartet, is a forceful, and often comedic, social commentary on sanity and society. Set in an insane asylum, the dancers skitter and jerk to a dissonance that is both internal and external. In the end, we are forced to ask, "Is the difference between those on the inside (on stage) and those on the outside (in the audience) simply a matter of degree?"

Photo of dancers in Doug Varone's Pounds and Stomps
Pounds and Stomps
Photo by Terry Shapiro
Finally, Doug Varone's Pounds and Stomps is a lively celebration of the music of The Yardbirds, replete with leather jackets, short skirts, and a full spectrum of exuberant sexuality.

The Colorado Ballet continues to show, through its depth of talent and willingness to experiment, why it is considered one of the up and coming companies in the nation. Bodies of Work: An Evening of World Premieres runs through April 26th. 303-893-4100.

Bob Bows


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