Avenue Q

Puppets, like masks, are effective catalysts for theatrical transformation. They work their magic by sublimating actors and characters into archetypes, giving voice to intimate feelings that might otherwise whither before crossing the threshold of utterance.

Princeton (Robert McClure) and Kate Monster (Anika Larsen)
Princeton (Robert McClure) and
Kate Monster (Anika Larsen)
Photo: Carol Rosegg © 2008
In the Broadway, West End, and Vegas hit, Avenue Q, a curious symbiosis between thespians and dummies conjure a world half way between Sesame Street and Rent, where twenty somethings learn hard lessons cushioned by animations and songs in a learning environment.

Danielle K. Thomas as Gary Coleman
Danielle K. Thomas as Gary Coleman
Photo: Carol Rosegg © 2008

Fresh out of college, Princeton hits the Big Apple, looking for a job and affordable housing. He ends up in an outer borough—at the end of the alphabetical grid, in search of his purpose—where he shares the angst of a blank life canvas with a culturally diverse group of contemporaries.

Jeff Whitty's book, and Robert Lopez' and Jeff Marx' music and lyrics, bravely explore the gamut of third-decade growth issues, including: financial insecurity; sexual identity; friendship, lust, love, and commitment; racism; homelessness; and selflessness.

Maggie Lakis and David Benoit as Trekkie Monster
Maggie Lakis and David Benoit
as Trekkie Monster
Photo: Carol Rosegg © 2008
Life's lessons go down easy in this light-hearted yet poignant story, brought home by some catchy, fun tunes, including "What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?," "It Sucks To Be Me," "If You Were Gay," "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist," "The Internet Is for Porn," and "For Now."

The tolerance that has transformed intercultural relationships in New York City and other melting pots shines through, underscoring the show's Tony winning book, score, and musical awards.

Denver Center Attractions presentation of Avenue Q runs through September 21st. 303-893-4100, 1-800-641-1222, or


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