The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

It's hard to believe that this relatively tame Jewish sit-com was written by Charles Busch (Psycho Beach Party, Red Scare on Sunset, Vampire Lesbians in Sodom, et al). Sure it has its scatological jokes and even a short-lived ménage à trois, but for the most part this is the story of Marjorie (Valerie Harper), a culture vulture going through a mid-life crisis. Her husband Ira (Mike Burstyn) is a mensch: since his retirement as a successful allergist, he volunteers his time to lecture and offer his services in Harlem.

Marjorie and her mother (Sondra James) kvetch at each other incessantly as they obviously have for their whole lives. One day Marjorie's long-lost childhood friend, Lee (Jana Robbins), shows up and the family world is turned topsy-turvy.

The shenanigans that ensue bring lots of laughs and even a mild catharsis, but in the end it's all a brief walk on the wild side for Marjorie and Ira before they return to the safe confines of their $900,000 apartment and business as usual.

The regional premiere of The Tale of the Allergist's Wife runs through September 15th. 303-893-4100.

Bob Bows


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